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Night Shots - Photography Tutorial

Night photography has an attraction all its own. There's something about scintillating lights from office windows hanging in the dark of the night -- a modern version of the starry skies -- that appeal to us. Whether it's a city skyline, lamp posts on a dark and deserted street, or the front of your house all decked out with holiday lights, the challenge of capturing the mood of a night scene depends on whether your digital camera is capable of night photography and on a couple of simple techniques.

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Taking Great Shots For Better eBay Auctions - Photography Tutorial

These step-by-step instructions are meant to give you a quick start in taking decent eBay photos. Whether you are a photo newbie or an avid hobbiest, these tips should help increase the bids on items you are presenting for sale.

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Perfect Night Shots - Photography Video Tutorial

Learn how to take successful photos at night!

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Using an Image to Create a Backdrop - Photography Video Tutorial

In the age of Photoshop some good old techniques are being forgotten. Back in the day, snow or beach scenes where created right inside the studios. Photographers also traveled more often to shoot at exotic locations. Nowadays, most of that magic is done in Photoshop by combining studio shot images with stock photos.

Sometimes using the technique demonstrated in the video can save you time and will help create a rewarding image.

Watch this photography tutorial video to learn how to create a realistic backdrop using photograph or a painting.

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