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Using Pop-Up Flash With Ambient Light Creatively - Photography Tutorial

Alright, so you know what flash photography is about. It’s pretty simple to pop up your pop-up flash and make accurate exposures leaving the flash on AUTO mode, right? On the other hand, this approach gives you absolutely flat lighting with a zero artistic touch. Anyone in their right mind would [...]
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The Ultimate Guide to Macro Bug Photography - Photography Tutorial

This tutorial will go through steps you need to take to get incredible macro shots of bugs. There are different settings to get each shot... but in this tutorial I go over what I prefer to do to ensure a more eye-appealing shot.

Let's get started!
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Places to See and Photograph in Tokyo - Photography Tutorial

Heading to Tokyo? Here are five great places to shoot from the hectic fish markets to sleek buildings in Omotesando. You’ll get specific photography tips for shooting these locations including what equipment to use, best visiting times, and what to expect.

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Introduction to Waterfall Photography - Photography Tutorial

Guide on photographing waterfalls that includes the equipment you'll need for photographing waterfalls, compares how shutter speed can affect your photograph, what the best weather conditions are for waterfall photography and more.

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How to Photograph Fireworks - Photography Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to photograph fireworks? Do you need to have a manual SLR (Single Reflective Lens) to achieve nice shots? Here are some tips, guides, and recommendations on how you can achieve some eye-catching creative photography.

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Light painting, drawing with light using a long exposure photo - Photography Tutorial

Light painting is not difficult to learn, doesn't require much experience and is a lot of fun! The idea behind this technique is really simple: while shooting a long exposure photo, move a source of light around, this gets recorded onto the sensor of the camera as an abstract drawing or 'light painting'.

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