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Henk is a bloke from Buenos Aires. His Pxl age is 5 years and 1813 days. He was last seen 3 years and 15 days ago.

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avatar mishti
mishti says:

Thats right Henk..my pet name is Mishti. Thankx for welcoming

(5 years and 1406 days ago)
avatar RAZ0R
RAZ0R [banned] says:

(5 years and 1416 days ago)
avatar puppetized

my last pseudo was rastafaya on PST time,here is your reponse,pretty hard to remenber

(5 years and 1433 days ago)
avatar hereisanoop

dear wazo, thank you very much.... That should have been a real misss if i didn't see. Lot of thanks again .....

(5 years and 1436 days ago)
avatar migue1ito
migue1ito says:

hello, Thanks for the comment...

(5 years and 1438 days ago)
avatar 6tann
6tann says:

thanks for comments on my Entry "I hate Smokers"
Thanks iu So muchhh

(5 years and 1448 days ago)
avatar yllas
yllas says:

hey, heb net naar je portfolio gekeken, en je hebt weer prachtige dingen gemaakt!
ik ga ook eens aan mijn portfolio beginnen, het begint weer te kriebelen

(5 years and 1451 days ago)
avatar LKY
LKY says:

thanks bro, Its pretty tough to continue my drawing and photoshop skills here. But I'll still try to participate

(5 years and 1455 days ago)
no avatar

thanks for the nice comment on my 'electronic b.card' entry...

(5 years and 1465 days ago)
avatar Ressiv
Ressiv says:

Haha, goed dat je het even meld! Had dat gedeelte nog niet gezien Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe werk dan, met je wacom

(5 years and 1466 days ago)
avatar jackaloftrades

Heya, good to see you again as well

(5 years and 1472 days ago)
avatar Ressiv
Ressiv says:

Hey Henk, bedankt voor je reactie op mijn portfolio! Jouw werken zien er ook super uit zeg. Daar zit veel tijd in volgens mij Maar zo te zien is het lang geleden dat je nog wat hebt ingestuurd, kunnen we nog wat verwachten binnenkort of..?

(5 years and 1475 days ago)
avatar hereisanoop

thank you wazo.......i was waiting for your comment all thease days........ This my sitting moment of success....

(5 years and 1478 days ago)
avatar dinomario10

Woow, your work is brilliant!!! I thought these drawings were made by hand... On a paper, but Photoshop???!!! You have some god-damn skills... They always make you the first one. I guess you just can't be number 2.

(5 years and 1481 days ago)
avatar maclu2iaf
maclu2iaf says:

Thank you Henk, i'm not dutch..and i visited Amsterdam 4 months ago. i love coffee shops over there, really enjoyed it!

(5 years and 1532 days ago)
avatar sajith
sajith says:

Professional works....superb

(5 years and 1543 days ago)
avatar chromathoughts

hi there........thnks for ur comments............

(5 years and 1548 days ago)
avatar sigi
sigi says:

late Happy Birthday !!!

(5 years and 1596 days ago)
avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

Wow.... 9 entries and 9 1st place wins.... wow....

You inspire me!!!!

(5 years and 1611 days ago)
avatar nishagandhi

congrats on ur win win Waz It was great to see the video/making of ur entry

(5 years and 1615 days ago)