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Henk is a bloke from Buenos Aires. His Pxl age is 5 years and 2691 days. He was last seen 5 years and 162 days ago.

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avatar orientallad

Merry Christmas Henk and happy holidays

(5 years and 1757 days ago)
avatar Kid
Kid says:

Thanks!! Can't believe I've been on here for over 5 years.

(5 years and 1763 days ago)
no avatar
galiano says:

Thanks for your comment on my profile waz...very kind of you to take the time to type something.

(5 years and 1781 days ago)
avatar DanielaOwergoor

Your portfolio is A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

(5 years and 1813 days ago)
avatar DanielaOwergoor

Oops, sorry, I was answering your question but I ended up deleting in my profile!
My husband is descended from Dutch!

(5 years and 1813 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

Hello thanks so much for the comment and suggestions!!

(5 years and 1893 days ago)
avatar yoguy108
yoguy108 says:

love your works
very creative and well made

(5 years and 1894 days ago)
avatar tk
tk says:

hi Henk, thanks for adding me as a friend! Very amazing artworks you have here!

(5 years and 1897 days ago)
avatar nilknarfsoive

You are amazingly great... Love all your artworks. Excellent!

(5 years and 1926 days ago)
avatar Rod13
Rod13 says:

Checked out your drawings before PS,
Man they are great. Call them the Quality of HEAVY METAL.

(5 years and 1940 days ago)
avatar arca
arca says:

Thanks for the welcome back ... it is good to be here.
I had major back problems and it was decided that the computer was out for awhile. I am still limited but out of pain and definitely recovering quickly now! I was really missing everyone and my computer!!!!

(5 years and 1942 days ago)
avatar SOLARIS

thanks for your birthday wishes. Indeed the results made my day

(5 years and 1952 days ago)
no avatar
olga says:

Thank you very much!!!

(5 years and 1957 days ago)
avatar elemare
elemare says:

WAAAAAAAAZ!!! My dear friend! It's so great to know you're still here, even if I was gone for so long.

(5 years and 1961 days ago)
avatar bddesign
bddesign says:

lol, i love how all your entries are no. 1 hahaha!

(5 years and 1968 days ago)
avatar Nysoe
Nysoe says:

Thank you for the warm welcome

(5 years and 1976 days ago)
avatar fatz8016
fatz8016 says:

Thanks for the comment on my banner entry Waz..it was too late to make any changes and experiment with your advice, but it was a very good critique i appreciate it

(5 years and 1996 days ago)
avatar Aikensha
Aikensha says:

Even only for light colors? where is writting that?
Ok...moderators will ignor/ remove my work then Anyway thanks! I'm new on this site.

(5 years and 2014 days ago)
avatar petersheep

Thx for coment wazowski!! I like your jobs....congratz too!

(5 years and 2042 days ago)
no avatar
olga says:

Hey It's great to see you too!!! I'm happy that a lot of same people still here!!!

(5 years and 2083 days ago)