Almost Like in the Real World - created by wazowski

Almost Like in the Real World
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Not only we have to deal with the crisis, in the Fantasy World it's not much different...

This drawing is made with Indian ink, using a pen and brush (for washed ink).
I used some references for the pose of both the warriors, the warriors design and the rest are own design.
The small version doesn't really show the lines, so please see the high resolution version. (5 years and 1028 days ago)

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Sandy Clowes is coming to town - created by wazowski

Sandy Clowes is coming to town
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Being a bounty hunter is not easy. Sandy Clowes can tell you about it, because she is one of them. Although you live for the danger and excitement, it's also a lonely and exhausting life. In the end you can't trust anyone...
But ok, after all these years she's kind of used to it, the people, the threats, etcetera.
Until this last Christmas, which normally is her only time of hope and peace. Because it was Santa himself who refused to give poor Sandy a nice pressie for the holidays for the reason that (I quote) "she was not much of a nice and even a naughty lady"! Said Santa!! Who does he think he is and talking to?! Isn't this girl also just some mother's daughter?...
So yeah, then something snapped in Sandy's head and made herself a new hunter assignment. Wanted: Santa Claus!
It's personal now, you know?!

This entry is 100% drawn in ARTRAGE. The program is some simplified Photoshop where the focus is on drawing and painting. It's a pretty nice program, especially when you're used to the old fashioned way of drawing and painting; the brushes can make a same certain effect. However, many other options (like masking, advanced transform and more handy things from PS) are missing.
For this entry I used some references. Check the SBS how they're used (nothing is traced).
Needless to say that this entry should be submitted a month ago. Time wasn't with me though, and I didn't want to wait another year before I could upload this image.
Before I forget:

****must be seen in High Resolution****

Otherwise you can't see Sandy's tongue touching her upper lip...
Thanks for reading all this. (5 years and 1331 days ago)

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Where is he when ya need 'em?! - created by wazowski

Where is he when ya need em?!
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Made in photoshop.
Needed some anatomy references, but final design is all my own.
Please see in high res before you vote, thanks. (5 years and 1462 days ago)

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And tonight...will be my turn - created by wazowski

And tonight...will be my turn
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From the Brothers Grimm.

Entry all created in Photoshop. No external sources, references or brushes, just the default stuff that PS offers. See further in the SBS.
Please watch in HiRes before vote, thank you. (5 years and 1736 days ago)

The ritual - created by wazowski

The ritual
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Hitch hiker's handbook tip 42: In case you see a warning sign saying that you're about to enter an area where some unknown hostile tribe lives who were so unfortunate to get a curse some centuries ago...then do NOT ignore that warning!

Only source image and photoshop. For the guy in front I looked at 2 references (one to see how a body looks like, other to see how a lifted arm would behave). See SBS how things are done. Please do not forget to check the High Resolution version before you vote.

Edit: improved some spaceranger issues :-) & softened some edges here and there (5 years and 1749 days ago)

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