And tonight...will be my turn - created by wazowski

And tonight...will be my turn
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From the Brothers Grimm.

Entry all created in Photoshop. No external sources, references or brushes, just the default stuff that PS offers. See further in the SBS.
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A Day at the Dwarfs - created by wazowski

A Day at the Dwarfs
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The best way to surprise the 7 Dwarfs is to give them cake after a long day of working. So that's what Slowwhipe does! She's barely in the mine or Gula is already jumping into the cake to eat it all alone. Ira, also hungry, gets furious! Acedia doesn't care much and just continues sleeping. Luxuria only has eye for another sweet object. Superbia meanwhile founds a big diamant that suits his ego, invidia can't stand it that he doesn't find diamants as big.
Avaritia sees the opportunity to sneak out with all the found jewels.
Whàt a day at the Dwarfs!

Some sketching, PS with drawing tablet, own pictures and external pictures used for this entry. Slowwhipe and the 7 dwarfs are own design, no references used to create them. For more info, see SBS.
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I have to add 4 more sources:
Thank you, 7 (Miguel Angel)
Thank you CGTextures.

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Winsor is daydreaming again... - created by wazowski

Winsor is daydreaming again...
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Our hero Winsor glorifies high in the sky in his Splutfire vehicle. Together with his companion Balthazar the Bear they seem to be undefeated. But what is that out there, as a flash light in a clear sky? It's the evil Duke McBastard who, sneaky as he always is, suddenly appeared with a cowardly attack. Will our friends survive this breathtaking adventure?!

Only source and handdrawing used for this entry. I had a quick view on wikipedia how a plane would look like, but in the end the design is all by myself. See SBS for further info. In the same SBS you can also see some added steps from parts that I changed (compared to the first image).
High Resolution version is very recommended.

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Lost... - created by wazowski

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It must be his worst nightmare: when Death can has to do his job, getting lost! Ow well, you can't blame him, after all he's not the youngest anymore.

No outside sources or references, just the source image and some handdrawing.
There's a pretty big High Resolution version available, you'd make me very happy if you have a look.
More info in the SBS.

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Meanwhile, in the year 2763 - created by wazowski

Meanwhile, in the year 2763
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In case you weren't sure yet, aliens do exist ànd they know the way to planet Earth! The humans hoped they came with the world peace where they longed to for so long already, but nope...these aliens -the Blurks- just want to take over the world, which they did pretty successful too! All the world? Nope! There's one little country somewhere in former northwest Europe that shows resistance! The Blurks try to do whatever they can, but the Flag of Resistance bravely stands! Vive la resistance!

Only the source image, drawing and PS used for the entry. Characters are own design, no reference used for them. Check the SBS (perhaps still in progress) for further information.
There is a high resolution version, I invite you to have a look.
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