Lost... - created by wazowski

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It must be his worst nightmare: when Death can has to do his job, getting lost! Ow well, you can't blame him, after all he's not the youngest anymore.

No outside sources or references, just the source image and some handdrawing.
There's a pretty big High Resolution version available, you'd make me very happy if you have a look.
More info in the SBS.

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The forgotten - created by loopyluv

The forgotten
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Years ago, a battle was fought ... but this battle was long forgotten, as the humans won and the death dealers defeated...the secret was buried in the deep.
(Hope that wasn't tooo cheesy, lol)
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The Skeleton - created by nasirkhan

The Skeleton
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All Source except shield

Inspired by the skeleton and sindbad fighting scene from the movie "The 7th voyage of Sindbad".
Used skeleton reference from Poser software.
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Pirate Still Life - created by IDt8r

Pirate Still Life
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Sorry the SBS is so long, but I used a lot of different techniques and since this is a learning site.... (5 years and 2414 days ago)

Legends - created by cristiyori

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