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Erik Lödén is a bloke from Värmland, Sweden. His Pxl age is 5 years and 3212 days. He was last seen 5 years and 1894 days ago.

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20 profile comments: ( page 1 of 1)


HI LODD! YOU are funnny guy...LOL!!! everytime i see your avatar picture.....I LOL!

(5 years and 2643 days ago)
avatar karaflazz
karaflazz says:

Great new avatar my friend.
I hope now we will see more of your work (as a mod you had a lot work to do).
Glad to have you back!!!

(5 years and 2814 days ago)
avatar RAZ0R
RAZ0R [banned] says:

(5 years and 2862 days ago)
avatar MaRkSqUiRrEl

PDK-1.. Isnt that the extra power pack that adds +1 fps?
Please let me know how you get on with it. Been thinking about it but £250 gbp is alot of money for what it does.

(5 years and 2987 days ago)
avatar MaRkSqUiRrEl

Thanks Lodd, Good to hear you got the d300 at last. I also upgraded to the 300s about 2 weeks ago. Its going to take a while to learn about all those options!
All my high speed stuff on here was shot with the old d40x!!

(5 years and 2991 days ago)
avatar MaRkSqUiRrEl

Hi Lodd, Thanks for your comments and adding my photo to your fav's.

(5 years and 2992 days ago)
avatar ernest
ernest says:

HI there^^

(5 years and 3013 days ago)
avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Welcome back.

(5 years and 3210 days ago)
avatar solkee
solkee says:

Hi Lodd, remember to eat healthy.

(5 years and 3210 days ago)
avatar pthree
pthree says:

welcome back !

(5 years and 3210 days ago)
avatar Giulia
Giulia says:

ha ha ) Thanks Loddy! Glad to see you here and on pxlshots too! keep up the great work

(5 years and 3211 days ago)
avatar Giallo
Giallo says:

And here is back the big dude!!

(5 years and 3211 days ago)
avatar bluefly
bluefly says:

Hey buddy, like your pix.

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar cabldawg71

Welcome back LODD!

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
no avatar

Lodd what happened to pxlshots some former members have been emailing me. Do you know if it is coming back? Also how do you contact Mr Monty the site owner?

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar RGB
RGB says:

Welcome back Lodd
c ya one the chat room!

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar ReapRevenge
ReapRevenge [banned] says:

Hey matey !!! glad to see you here !!!

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar Giggles
Giggles says:


(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar oana
oana says:

Hey Lodd!!

(5 years and 3212 days ago)
avatar Giggles
Giggles says:

Welcome Back Lodd!:P

(5 years and 3212 days ago)