Lighthouse. - created by Lodd

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This is an old image i did from PST. therefore i had to do alot of research to find my old sources.

Thanks to Giulia for the ship source!

And a HUGE thank to for all the other sources.

The clouds, birds and trees are just brushes which i did't found again from Deviantart.

Update: i fixed the ugly line in the middle and reshaped the "head" (5 years and 1736 days ago)

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Old floppy. - created by Lodd

Old floppy.
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An old floppy disk made out of concrete and rusty steel.

Thanks to:

sundesign @ sxc
decar66 @ sxc

(5 years and 1867 days ago)

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Vacuum robot. - created by Lodd

Vacuum robot.
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All contests needs its robot so here it is. No more robots after mine. okay guys? he he he.

Sorry for the SBS but i did't had the old one left (this entry was used at PST some monthes ago) (5 years and 1829 days ago)

Giallo - created by Lodd

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Thanks to giallo for the source image :) (i took it from the forum) (5 years and 1831 days ago)

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Tiny Island - created by Lodd

Tiny Island
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This island is in the middle of the ocean. to get there first take road 384 til it ends. then take the boat til you run out of gas. then you're there.

Thanks to Mupsu @ sxc. (5 years and 1832 days ago)

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