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In this contest, your goal is to create a caricature from someone!
Do not forget to post the original image for comparison. You can either draw the caricature or manipulate the original photo!

A good place to start finding photos:

But don't forget to ask permission from the owner first!

Or you can use the photos in this thread without requesting permission:

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

arkncheeze: Ok... Now this will be fun as well... ( 5 years and 3569 days ago )
nasirkhan: Funny and interesting theme. ( 5 years and 3569 days ago )
vnvsnaresh: can i use my own picture to create a caricature ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
animmax: as long as you ask yourself for permission first. But get it in writing!! ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
nasirkhan: animax nice comment but user should be anonymous, vnvsnaresh IMO you can not use your own image. ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
animmax: Better check with the contest mod on if your allowed to self caricature or not.. Could be a few red flags otherwise!! ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
pthree: in order to keep the likeness you must minimize features that are minimized on the subject and maximize the features that are maximized on the subject. If you go against the grain and minimize a person's large mouth you will loose the likeness. ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
elficho: exactly, exaggeration of the facial features is the key. whether you "minimize or maximize", like pthree said ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
madamemonty: Yes, you can use your own image, just don't mention that it is you in the photo ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
GolemAura: oh great, all my features are small except for my big nose.. just great !!.. I'll do some one else LOL ( 5 years and 3568 days ago )
nehayash: good theme subject but maximum entries lack any creativity.all of them using liquify effect to enhance features ( 5 years and 3567 days ago )
LKY: People are very roughly working on concept....:sad: ( 5 years and 3567 days ago )
nishagandhi: i see that everyone is interested in Giulia here LOL....Mr Monty be careful LOL ( 5 years and 3567 days ago )
CMYK46: Where's the option to view thumbnails in this contest? ( 5 years and 3567 days ago )
CMYK46: LOL...oops, never mind.... ( 5 years and 3567 days ago )
UglyBOB: In the breadcrumb navigation ( 5 years and 3566 days ago )
Giallo: LOL Nisha that's exactly what I thought ahah ( 5 years and 3566 days ago )
RGB: i want to see lky`s caricatures LOL ( 5 years and 3566 days ago )
LKY: Luk Vlad ur wish has been approved..... ( 5 years and 3565 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
If you want to participate in this contest, just:


Us - created by Giallo

Favs: 23SBS: 1Hi-resRank: 1/61Score: 69.9% (40)23601 views

I tried to make an album of us...Lots of members are not here so please:


For sure I must do some others such as Spaceranger, Annabat, Cablawadg so, don't esitate I must modify my entry.

A few steps will arrive soon (dunno what but I must make them..)

The sources used are the photos of members in the forum and sounds silly to post all the PMS with permissions and links hehe =) (5 years and 3562 days ago)

In your dreams Giallo - created by solkee

In your dreams Giallo
Favs: 6SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 2/61Score: 62.9% (30)19195 views

Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
Pink - U and Ur Hand

Inspiration for the image came whilst listening to this song.

Thanks Giulia, Akasha, Devangel and Giallo. (5 years and 3562 days ago)

1 Source:

LucKY....LucKY.... - created by gopankarichal

Favs: 5SBS: 13Hi-resRank: 3/61Score: 61.5% (25)19944 views

Thanks to LKY for the image an permission. (5 years and 3565 days ago)

1 Source:

Making Of Wild Man - created by arkncheeze

Making Of Wild Man
Favs: 1SBS: 11Hi-resRank: 4/61Score: 60.8% (20)25494 views

Made with a rough sketch and then painted it rough to give a watercolor look( thanks to someone suggestion :))

Used some outer source to give a different look... Hope the subject will like this one...

Also I did obtained permission for it... (5 years and 3567 days ago)

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No more tea? - created by apaul713

No more tea?
Favs: 2SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 5/61Score: 59.7% (15)21496 views

Old lady. (5 years and 3568 days ago)

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