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Unique Bike - created by skyangel

Unique Bike
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One of a kind. (1 year and 310 days ago)

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avatar LifetimeDamage

Nice concept.. i like the bike a lot.. one thing bothers me.. everything is in the 2D space, but the handle is in 3D.. It looks like the wheel and the steering don't match now... just a little thing (i know) see what you do with it

author says:

You're right but it's too late to change it now. The contest is already in voting mode. Just imagine the rider had an accident which broke the chain and twisted the handle bars. He is lucky to not have been seriously injured.

(1 year and 310 days ago)

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Nice "CBR," shadow could have been a little better.

author says:

By all means, if you have time to teach me how to improve shadows, I am all ears.

(1 year and 309 days ago)

avatar BWR
BWR says:

Kongertz SA!!

author says:


(1 year and 306 days ago)

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George55 Motel - created by blur

George55 Motel
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• This piece of art is my entire dedication to Mr. Jorge (by the username of George55). It’s simple a symbol of gratitude towards him. Not a very special one I admit, but it’s also has a special meaning to someone I really cared for. This tiny little present from me was created because of his wise words, his nice comments to others, his talents and also his ‘fights’ to this cruel world with his strength to face the illness. I really want to have a nice uncle like him. We don’t really know each other; it’s just me read his life experiences through The Eye #5. And I decided to take one of his stocks and manipulate it with Cinema 4D and Photoshop the other day.

• Hope you guys like it, and I apologize if I made any mistakes. Feel free to leave a comments and suggestions. Appreciated so much. Thanks! (5 years and 1153 days ago)

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avatar spaceranger

George55 is a good friend and a true gentleman well deserving of a tribute like this and it's very nice of you to dedicate your work to him! Nicely more ways than one!

author says:

Thanks, spaceranger. It's all I can do if I had a plan in mind and also a compassion through my art. = )

Hope Mr. Jorge don't mind if I used his nickname into the sign.

avatar George55
George55 says:

Wow! I really appreciate your dedication to me. What can I say, I am just a regular human being, trying to do my best through difficult times. I think the comments and support of people who love me here in Pxleyes, make me stronger and a better person. I love to share, and help others to learn. I was taught here, many beautiful ways to make my work better.

Seeing your work, makes me proud of being a part of this community of talented artists, like yourself. Thanks and good luck. No, I don't mind using my nickname in your work, I am George55 for you and for all.

Spaceranger: Thanks for your nice words too.

avatar madamemonty

Congrats very nice work

avatar RickLaMesa

congratz on the win...i thought i had it for a while..good job

avatar spaceranger


author says:

Wow, thanks guys for the votes and the nice comments. It's all my pleasure and it's my dedication to uncle Jorge. I don't really expect to come into this first place. But really, I'm glad. = )

avatar nishagandhi

this looks so real! nice manipulation and congrats! nice tribute to a great artist

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Hand Beast - created by Titan85

Hand Beast
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Takes skill to put this sign up...In sign language this translates to "Monster"

Lots of clone stamping, healing brushing, and source use.

**Only provided source used** (5 years and 1246 days ago)

No comments yet... Be the first!Hand, Beast, Monster, Sign, Language

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Lost,and the useless sign - created by jordyponce

Lost,and the useless sign
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(5 years and 1324 days ago)

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avatar orientallad

it's not useless sign, it's telling you exactly where you are, lol, very good entry, love the originality, but i believe that the shadow of the person with the map should be darker, or you maybe need to blur the edges of the shadow if you need it light, good luck

author says:

LOL u are so right!!! at least she knows,she is exactly there..where? dont know! hahaha
thanks for the comment..
im going to fix that shadow..thanks again.

avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Good sense of humor, great mood and blending well done.

author says:

Thank u Akassa...

avatar Drivenslush

love the overall texture

avatar dlanswayne

Shadow of the man is too long.but a good work.

avatar Drivenslush

Congrats on number 2.. hehehehe great job

author says:

hehe.. thanks!..i can also say the same to you!! ..many congrants for u my friend, great work..
lets keep are imagination running..
congrats again!!!.

avatar orientallad


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sign - created by Drivenslush

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reduced to 16 colors and lens correction (5 years and 1407 days ago)

avatar DanLundberg

Too many colors for the theme IMO and, to be honest, the image is not particularly compelling in any event. I come back to my observation (rephrased) that this theme is about accentuating already-dramatic images.

no avatar
happyme27 says:

Not too many--theme says up to 12. Though i do agree its not a very compelling photo

author says:

theme says up to 16

(the original of this was two images laid on top of each other (texture rock back ground and was called the Spanglish) made a lot more sense and looked pretty cool, but it was pulled, there is humor in the text, that was the attraction (now that I think about it, the original back ground had 4 colors and when I cropped it out it is now reduced to 12 colors)

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