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Unique Bike - created by skyangel

Unique Bike
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One of a kind. (1 year and 218 days ago)

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avatar LifetimeDamage

Nice concept.. i like the bike a lot.. one thing bothers me.. everything is in the 2D space, but the handle is in 3D.. It looks like the wheel and the steering don't match now... just a little thing (i know) see what you do with it

author says:

You're right but it's too late to change it now. The contest is already in voting mode. Just imagine the rider had an accident which broke the chain and twisted the handle bars. He is lucky to not have been seriously injured.

(1 year and 217 days ago)

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Nice "CBR," shadow could have been a little better.

author says:

By all means, if you have time to teach me how to improve shadows, I am all ears.

(1 year and 217 days ago)

avatar BWR
BWR says:

Kongertz SA!!

author says:


(1 year and 214 days ago)

Howdie stranger!
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