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Create a window with three sections, each section must represent the past, the present and the future. Use a chop or draw it, as long as all three are represented. Show us how you see our past, our present and our future.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: tapiona

Ory: This sounds interesting, cannot wait to see some entries! :- ( 5 years and 2243 days ago )
Christy: Yes it does sound very interesting...Has my mind spinning with possibilities!! ( 5 years and 2243 days ago )
8DX: exactly three? ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )
mymy: yes exactly 3 ( 5 years and 2242 days ago )

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Nothing has changed really!!! - created by arkncheeze

Nothing has changed really!!!
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Well the time window theme really had my brain going :P j/k... When I saw the theme this idea came out...

And here it is... Something never changes i.e. a man's desire for war...

I tried to depict here how gears of war has been changing and tried to infuse a little anti-war theme...

Also someone must be wondering why a ww2 German soldier and a t34 tank doing in the present section... Well I wanted to show the transition... Also I don't think think it possible to define the time line in a rigid manner... Cause past, present and future changes every second...

Also this work is really stock heavy... There are more than 10 stock photo used here... So I will post all the photo I used here...

photo used:

Also I will provide a sbs after sometime... (5 years and 2242 days ago)

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The Sad Truth - created by Ory

The Sad Truth
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Should not need explaining, I wanted to do more, but this seemed enough, adding any fancy effects would have ruined the message I think :-) (5 years and 2239 days ago)

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bud, flower, seed pods. - created by madamemonty

bud, flower, seed pods.
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Life... to be born, to live, and to die! This is the lot of all of creation.

This is a banksia from my garden.

Please view High Res (5 years and 2239 days ago)

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Time of feed - created by Siminho90

Time of feed
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Is the future so awful?...

I don't know...maybe


Check this out! (5 years and 2239 days ago)

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Windows of Time - created by helenm

Windows of Time
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The Past is gone, we like it no more;
The Present shines with all the britest colors;
The Future, it is canvased from us all
Into the shapes and lines, and gathered into figures... (5 years and 2240 days ago)

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