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Kouch Kompe - created by DanLundberg

Kouch Kompe
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Kompe, aka raspeball, is a Norwegian potato dumpling. (Swedish name: kroppkakor) (5 years and 475 days ago)

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islandic journey - created by gedup

islandic journey
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The norway's picture remember me photos i have taken in Island in2011.
With some ofthis pictures,
i suggest you this photomontage.
All pictures are mine.(look at them in the step3 of the SBS) (5 years and 478 days ago)

Changing outfit - created by need_to_smile

Changing outfit
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(5 years and 479 days ago)

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Flying - created by magicalfruittuts

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This was titanic fun. See SBS for details. (5 years and 476 days ago)

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Lovemeornot!! - created by shaiju1974

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Only the source image and PS used. (5 years and 479 days ago)