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[In reality, this SBS is largely the opposite of my actual process for creating a new environment around the Viking couple without shifting it one iota from its position in the source image (I really started with the sofa), but I think this flow is easier to understand.]

Edit/transform/perspective the wallpaper source so the pattern is straight up and down. Duplicate and flip horizontally so the two can match equally in the center of the image (i.e., book-matching).

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 1

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Squish the rug source and duplicate it across the floor area. Recolor to purple. Duplicate the layer and blend as multiply to intensify the color.

To create an illusion of a fuzzy edge where the rug meets the wall, use a purple grass brush (134) with 1% scatter in a small size along the border. Duplicate and blend as mulitply.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 2

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Edit/transform/perspective(distort, too?) the window source so it seems flat. Cut out a two-segment window and add a shadow to suggest the window frame sticks out from the wall.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 3

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Create text on a rounded-rectangle background. Apply a bevel effect to the foreground elements for a license-plate effect. Lightly dodge the background for a feeling of greater depth. Add a shadow to show it's on top of the wall.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 4

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Modify a text "V" and then use filter/liquify to make it look kind of like that in the logo for the Minnesota Vikings. Create a valance of pennants. Draw a curtain rod to hold the valance. Add shadows.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 5

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Stretch the floor lamp source. Recolor the shade.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 6

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Add a sofa. Filter/liquify the cushions to suggest they're being sat on. Put a shadow under the sofa with stronger shadows under the sofa legs.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 7

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Estimate the vanishing point of the sofa. Draw a TV with the same vanishing point.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 8

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Clip the wood texture to the drawn TV. Do double multiply blends on the back to make it darker.

Add the cut-out doily on top with a bit of shadow.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 9

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Add the Viking figures and related shadows on the sofa. Clone out the flowers on the upper part of the boy's chest. Paint new eyes looking at the TV using colors sampled from the source image.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 10

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Recolor the Vikings' clothes in the purple and gold of the Minnesota Vikings. Clone out the Canadian Football League logo from the football and recolor it in gold and purple. Put the football in the boy's arms, adding shadows.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 11

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Darken the background with a gray overlay broken by light from the floor lamp.

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Step 12

Final result

Creation of Kouch Kompe: Final Result

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