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A little Hugh Hefner Picture

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Remember that movie "Honey I Shrunk The Kids"? Well here is your chance to show us what you would look like in that shrunken stage, and where you would be. This contest is not anonymous, but you don't have to use yourself, you can use a friend of family member. Be creative, remember you're tiny, you can fit just about anywhere. Have fun and good luck.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: EmiK

Lamantine: It means that we don't have the right to use external source images ? ( 5 years and 2590 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Um, why is the contest not anonymous? ( 5 years and 2590 days ago )
Nickk: Agree with jawshoewhah .. ( 5 years and 2587 days ago )
EmiK: Because you can use yourself in the creation, but you don't have to. ( 5 years and 2586 days ago )
Contest Moderator: Any entry submitted after 2000hrs GMT January 14 will be removed ( 5 years and 2583 days ago )

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A little Hugh Hefner - created by mqtrf

A little Hugh Hefner
Favs: 10SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 1/11Score: 61.5% (35)15443 views

I used my own images :) (5 years and 2586 days ago)

Looks like a tough guy - created by mqtrf

Looks like a tough guy
Favs: 2SBS: 7Hi-resRank: 2/11Score: 59.2% (30)14089 views

Own sources used (5 years and 2588 days ago)

little man - created by migue1ito

little man
Favs: 2SBS: 10Hi-resRank: 3/11Score: 58.8% (25)16546 views

(5 years and 2586 days ago)

my mini me - created by migue1ito

my mini me
Favs: 3SBS: 3Hi-resRank: 4/11Score: 54.7% (20)13172 views

(5 years and 2585 days ago)

Taking a Stroll - created by Floortje1973

Taking a Stroll
Favs: 2SBS: 4Hi-resRank: 5/11Score: 53.8% (15)15298 views

Photo of my daughter and bff taking a stroll in the park.. (5 years and 2583 days ago)

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