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The Tempest Picture

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By arca
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The Tempest - created by arca

The Tempest
Favs: 16SBS: 22Hi-resRank: 1/19Score: 64.3% (35)17596 views

He had no choice, his magic had been outlawed and he had been banished from the Castle. As the blizzard raged about him the sorrow at leaving his home and family was overwhelming. Not knowing or caring where he could go or what his future might bring, he hung his head, weary beyond words; and his journey had only just begun.

His staff would sustain him, giving warmth and light but even it's magic could not diminish his sorrow or the tempest in his soul.

Thank you to AilinStock for the Wizard
Thank you to TsaalyoStock for the base of the Wizard's Staff

Castle, Sky and Eagle head on Wizards staff are my own photo's. See SBS

EDIT: Replaced staff and added my own image for top of it. Added light coiled around staff. Lightened Wizard and worked on lighting for him (darkened right side - lightened left) (5 years and 2552 days ago)

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Season Trapper - created by greymval

Season Trapper
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Winter was trapped in a glass egg, from which it now escapes in order to reestablish its reign
Feeling the chill in the air the birds are leaving. It's time to put the gloves on and prepare for the cold season.

(5 years and 2553 days ago)

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South Pole Formal - created by Poss

South Pole Formal
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Many thanks to:

blink dq
siukesoj ...from

Randy Peters at Flickr

I added a slight blue tint for my favorite critic.

(5 years and 2553 days ago)

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Temple of four elements - created by Eramono

Temple of four elements
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Thanks to:
Lydia Gschosmann on;
~redheadstock on
(5 years and 2553 days ago)

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Let It Melt Away... - created by ponti55

Let It Melt Away...
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Thanks to MJRanum Stock (5 years and 2556 days ago)

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