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D-Day Picture

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D-Day - created by erathion

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Norman B. Leventhal-


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Thanks guys for the great resources... (5 years and 2263 days ago)

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Quack Hat - created by GarethWaring

Quack Hat
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(5 years and 2269 days ago)

Lest We Should Forget - created by artgirl1935

Lest We Should Forget
Favs: 4SBS: 18Hi-resRank: 3/18Score: 58.9% (25)13150 views

Flowers were all created from hat as was the container for the arrangement. The background was also created with many changes to the source. Please see my SBS. Thanks to Beverly and Pack at for the folded flag source, and to Vic Acid at for the Iwo Jima source photo. The fabric texture under container is from (5 years and 2262 days ago)

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My Grandfather's Watch - created by gamemastertips

My Grandfathers Watch
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An entry that pretty much evolved as I worked on it. I orginally planned it to be a steampunk-style entry but it turned into something slightly different. Enjoy!

It seems that the mouse was quite the sailor back in its day...

Let me know if anyone figures out the text on the watch. :) Comments and criticism are much appreciated.

Credits to hotblack for the perfect background image. (5 years and 2262 days ago)

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Captain Kitteh - created by RickLaMesa

Captain Kitteh
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(5 years and 2262 days ago)

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