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TorDoni is a 68 year old man from NYC. His Pxl age is 5 years and 412 days. He was last seen 14 hr 38 min ago.

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19 profile comments: ( page 1 of 1)

avatar Verikakis
Verikakis says:

Unique portfolio amazing works !!!

(151 days ago)
avatar Drivenslush

Welcome BACK!!!!!

(194 days ago)
no avatar

Hello .. greetings from Tasmania Australia . thanks for the friend add

(360 days ago)
no avatar
marina08 says:

Thanks for the friendship!

(1 year and 1 days ago)
avatar hereisanoop

Thanks adding to the friends list

(1 year and 9 days ago)
avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Thanks for adding in friends list. You have great imagination with awesome skills. Keep up good work.

(1 year and 9 days ago)
avatar anoosh
anoosh says:

hello i just stop by to say that i really love your work and i wish to be one day as creative as you your work is soo inspiring thank you very much for making me love photoshop even more

(3 years and 23 days ago)
no avatar
Skibkhan says:

hello ... Your designs r awesome

(3 years and 45 days ago)
avatar Drivenslush

Thank you for adding me as your friend, it is very kind of you to consider me

(3 years and 48 days ago)
no avatar

Your work is amazing! It's nice to some real talent here!

(3 years and 81 days ago)
avatar DanielaOwergoor

Amazing artist, i'm amazed with your pieces!

(3 years and 96 days ago)
avatar tnaylor21286

You're welcome. The detail is incredible. Great work!

(3 years and 108 days ago)
avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

You're more than welcome! I'm a huge fan for sure

(3 years and 115 days ago)
no avatar

your very welcome. both are lovely artistic pieces of work.

(3 years and 117 days ago)
avatar Glockman
Glockman says:

glad to have you

(3 years and 147 days ago)
avatar TorDoni
TorDoni says:

A big hug back, and a kiss on both cheeks.

(3 years and 148 days ago)
avatar madamemonty

it's a big hug, but the silly thing didn't work... I'll try again :YMHUG:

(3 years and 148 days ago)
avatar TorDoni
TorDoni says:

Hi madamemonty, thanks so much, but it feels kinda strange to be here, what is YMHUG???

(3 years and 148 days ago)
avatar madamemonty

Nice to see you :YMHUG:

(3 years and 148 days ago)