Metamorphosis - created by TorDoni

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(5 years and 905 days ago)

Pinto Peek-a-boo. - created by TorDoni

Pinto Peek-a-boo.
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This image was truly inspired by the wonderful Artist and Illustrator Bev Doolittle, I thank her for her amazing artwork, and hope I did her justice with this entry. (5 years and 948 days ago)

KOOKI KABUKI - created by TorDoni

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(5 years and 876 days ago)

Entry number 91870 - created by TorDoni

Entry number 91870
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I might as well show one more that I liked doing, took a real long time to put together all of the images,...too many to show or find again. (5 years and 137 days ago)

A New Horizon Awaits - created by TorDoni

A New Horizon Awaits
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Thank you Frank, and thanks to all you talented people out there, it's been a great ride. (5 years and 750 days ago)

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