Downslope - created by mpua66

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Went to Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail yesterday. The former director of the hospital was an insect lover who designed the large surrounding garden to include plants that would specifically attract as many species of butterflies as possible. Despite this trail being barely a couple of hundred meters long, more than 100 species of butterflies have been photographed on it in the last couple of decades or so.
This little beauty was tiny but really stood out with its black and white markings. It landed on a leaf at a very inconvenient spot, it was on a downslope at 45 degrees, I had to go down carefully and aim my camera up to get this shot but the end result was so worth it. (5 years and 240 days ago)

Grasshopper - created by siduck68

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hangin out
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The right moment ;-) - created by Clinge

The right moment ;-)
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Tiny pedestal
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