Love Lives On! - created by gibbsld

Love Lives On!
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A very small ornament I found hanging in a tree. (5 years and 180 days ago)

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Long Way to Go - created by funkygirl4ever95

Long Way to Go
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This little guy was so tiny and moving at such a slow pace. It made me think how determined they must be to get from one place to another. I'm hoping this photo might inspire perseverance in its viewers.
As well as an appreciation of the world of small creatures. (5 years and 177 days ago)

Tiny Shore - created by kyricom

Tiny Shore
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These tiny shells (the smallest ones are about 3 mm) have been placed inside a normal sized Conch shell. (5 years and 174 days ago)

Sunset Behind - created by macarhign

Sunset Behind
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I don't know what is the name of this insect. If someone know please say it. (5 years and 179 days ago)

Inchbird - created by awediot

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AN aprox 1.5 in glass miniature hummingbird and flower...set in front of a sunset desktop... (5 years and 174 days ago)