Flutter - created by funkygirl4ever95

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I'm usually quite scared of butterflies, being that they're technically insects with wings. I mean in my mind what could be worse?
But when viewing them through a lens, I have to appreciate their beauty. (5 years and 238 days ago)

Macro of a budding flower - created by goldlens

Macro of a budding flower
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Loved the creation of god in arranging it in such a harmonized manner (5 years and 239 days ago)

World, here I come....... - created by Wayne Cheah

World, here I come.......
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(5 years and 241 days ago)

Worker - created by kyricom

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Please check out the high res (5 years and 236 days ago)

Microbits and Itty Bitty Pieces - created by awediot

Microbits and Itty Bitty Pieces
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Misc 'watch parts' held together on one of those mega-magnets... (5 years and 235 days ago)

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