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Is there something that you hold near and dear; something that represents a fond memory or a loving relative or friend? Whether it is a collection of old love letters, ticket stubs, or a single item that you cherish, show us a photo of something you consider a memento. Tell us why it is special.

You can display the item(s) alone or with other items to make it more interesting. Play with lighting and setting to make your special memento stand out.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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From their finger - created by Remsphoto

From their finger
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My Father wore this pinky ring for as long as I remember and upon his passing, my Mother wore it until her passing 18 yrs later. 14 years have since passed and it has never left my finger. We are one. (5 years and 999 days ago)

My mother 1933 - created by filantrop

My mother 1933
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(5 years and 1002 days ago)

1947 - created by Wayne Cheah

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My late mother-in-law's sewing machine which she bought on 25th February, 1947, (see purchase receipt), just before her marriage to my late father-in-law in 1948. On this machine she sewed and mended the new and torn clothing of three generations of her family. We kept this old and rusty machine, and purchase receipt, in her memory. The face on the stamp was King George VI. (5 years and 1002 days ago)

Geese - created by friiskiwi

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These were in my childhood home, as we were growing up, my sister and I used to tell our dad,that we wanted to inherit them.
Luckily for me, when the sad time arrived, my sister no longer wanted them. (5 years and 1001 days ago)

Torpedo - created by teecee

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My father had this item and since I was a boy (long time ago) I played with it and amused my friends with it. We are not exactly sure what it was. A replica of a torpedo, something that was dropped from planes onto boats? Leave it up to the imagination. I received it from the family because I played with it the most I suppose. (5 years and 1003 days ago)