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nikita61 is a registered pxl member from Italy. His Pxl age is 5 years and 1007 days. He was last seen 19 days ago.

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avatar madamemonty

Thank you Nicoletta, animals are my favourite subject to photograph. Megan

(274 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

I received a private message from a colleague this site, very strange by the way, telling me to take care with the comments that I do - especially with the praise - and I clearly know this will always take my photos for the last place, I do not care and I'm not here to win or lose but learn and make friends. I think we are free to make good comments that make people get excited and do not give up or lose interest in photography or for participation here. Sure, help improve, but there are ways and ways to talk things out. No need to put this post in the photo as competitor, thus influencing the other vote. I know many are here only for the competition and are really playing with people, playing without any scruples and their only purpose is to make that the photos will be deleted or receive bad grades. In this way, many good photos are at the end and the other start. Ok, some deserve first places.. I'm not generalizating. Look, I'm not talking about my work - my photos, and I do not care if after this post I will be deleted from the site. I just believe that certain standards have to be reviewed here. A good week for everyone. And if I will be deleted ... I stay with good friends that I met here.

(4 years and 34 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

Where are you Niki? Wish you a nice weekend...

(4 years and 114 days ago)
avatar FallingHorse

Hi Nikita, thanks for the fave on my "Lighters 2" entry - I have added a further explanation for you - hope you find it useful.

(4 years and 134 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

A very nice shoot! Wish you a nice day!

(4 years and 137 days ago)
avatar Chrys Rizzo

Dear nikita61, thanks for your kind comment on my profile. I like your photos too, you have excelent compositions and a very nice points of view to make your shots.

(4 years and 167 days ago)
avatar Artifakts
Artifakts says:

Thx a lot for your Fav on my picture !

(4 years and 210 days ago)
avatar adibudojo
adibudojo says:

thanks for accepting me nikita,....

(4 years and 359 days ago)
avatar nikita61
nikita61 says:

I'm Italian .....was on honeymoon in India...many years ago..

(5 years and 162 days ago)
avatar 6tann
6tann says:

if i m not wrong i thing u r indian....

(5 years and 163 days ago)
avatar 6tann
6tann says:

thanks for adding me back

(5 years and 163 days ago)
avatar JoeCacia
JoeCacia says:

Thank you Nikita for favoring one of my entries! Much appreciated, looking forward to see more of you wonderful work!

(5 years and 200 days ago)
avatar jeaniblog
jeaniblog says:

Thanks so much for the fav, Nikita

(5 years and 436 days ago)
avatar nikita61
nikita61 says:

thank you.... I choose this image because my dog looks like drago Falcor

(5 years and 480 days ago)
avatar TwilightMuse

I love your profile pic. One of my favorite movies!

(5 years and 481 days ago)