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This contest is about photographing brand names and logos. The brand name or logo has to be your focal point of the entry, the product itself shouldn't be recognizable or at least as unrecognizable as possible.

This means shooting an Ipod's logo is perfectly OK but do not show us the (partly) Ipod itself as primary object in your shot; or the McDonald's logo on a burger wrapper is OK but we do not want to see the burger itself. Neon lights and street advertising are offtheme. Brand names and logo's is what we are looking for!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

kyricom: Should have saved either this or the "commercial" theme for another week ( 5 years and 1859 days ago )
friiskiwi: Perhaps, but they are actually quite different. ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )
Wayne Cheah: One shows the product and the other the brand. So it's different. ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )
kyricom: They're definitely different, but fairly closely related ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )
Wayne Cheah: Which is precisely where the challenge lies because if you make a slip and your image "strays" to the other side then you are off theme. ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )
kyricom: orrrrrrrrrr... it could have been two different weeks and been on theme either way. It's not a big deal. Simply an observation. ( 5 years and 1858 days ago )

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Mercedes - created by Juniper

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(5 years and 1857 days ago)

+8 - created by Artifakts

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Morgan Logo ... Model "+8" (5 years and 1852 days ago)

Canon - created by Toothpick134

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(5 years and 1857 days ago)

Chanel - created by audreyj

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(5 years and 1856 days ago)

Brakes - created by Artifakts

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Famous car brand ... The best one for me ! (5 years and 1852 days ago)

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