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In today's world, on of the many questions we have is: are our government and our major corporations corrupt? Not saying they are, I'm not denying that they aren't, but corruption is everywhere and in many things. Show in an artistic way of how you think something is corrupt today.

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kyricom: Some of these just seem to be shots of stuff we don't like, but not necessarily "corruption." ( 5 years and 2086 days ago )

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dangerous payola - created by Remsphoto

dangerous payola
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There is no honor among thieves without lethal danger. (5 years and 2084 days ago)

under the table - created by roon

under the table
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Follow the money - created by Remsphoto

Follow the money
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The state of Florida sells a natural spring to Nestle who takes 80 thousand gallons out of our Aquifer everyday and turns around it sells it back as bottle water. In the meantime, Florida utility (water) costs are rising, the state is proposing water meters on private wells and residents are on water restrictions to conserve water. Corruption right under our feet. (5 years and 2086 days ago)

No Problemo - created by Wayne Cheah

No Problemo
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Who To Blame - created by k5683

Who To Blame
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.....for this corruption? (5 years and 2086 days ago)