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Frame any subject in by using something already there. It can be fence posts, a window pane, anything, as long as it's not put there by you (i.e. the frame has to be in existence already, the subject can be posed). The frame can have as many sides as you want. Just as long as the subject is framed inside of something, can be circular, scalloped, triangular, etc...

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: MakenzieW1

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The Ceiling - created by riady

The Ceiling
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A wedding of my friend was celebrated in this nice and elegant restaurant (5 years and 2039 days ago)

Sunrise - created by patty

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(5 years and 2041 days ago)

To Slide or Not To - created by riady

To Slide or Not To
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This little girl was in a long hesitate whether she would slide or not to, and it gave me enough time to capture that moment (5 years and 2039 days ago)

Framed in Frosty Boughs - created by lavenderflower23

Framed in Frosty Boughs
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My arabian out in the field on a frosty morning (5 years and 2041 days ago)

window - created by lincemiope

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(5 years and 2040 days ago)