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For this contest I want to see things that hang from the ceiling. This could include pot holders, lights, Chandeliers, etc. Anything that is against the side wall is off theme. The only part of the room that it can be touching is the ceiling, or top portion of whatever it's hanging from. If it touches anything else it's off theme.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: MnMCarta

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Suspended Spitfire - created by jeaniblog

Suspended Spitfire
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(5 years and 887 days ago)

Lantern - created by Artifakts

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(5 years and 890 days ago)

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Only in the Country - created by MnMCarta

Only in the Country
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(5 years and 890 days ago)

Hanging Heads - created by jeaniblog

Hanging Heads
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Kelvingrove Museum exhibit in Glasgow (5 years and 888 days ago)

Ancient luster - created by Artifakts

Ancient luster
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(5 years and 890 days ago)