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For those of us where the heights of a beautiful pro DSLR is unreachable, this contest is about old cameras. Whether it be a box camera, a folder camera, a submini camera, rangefinder or even an old SLR.

Take your best shot, scan it, then enter it here. The only stipulation is that the camera has to use FILM. That's right, FILM! Not a memory card. Real FILM. The older the camera the better. Have fun with this contest, take your most creative shot. Good luck.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Missy

friiskiwi: You got to be joking, where do you buy film? and get it pricessed in one week. I guess it will be O.K. to scan old photos or negatives. ( 5 years and 3067 days ago )
james405: Would it be ok to do manipulations in the darkroom if you process films yourself ? ( 5 years and 3067 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I'm not a mod James, but I could think that any kind of film entries are fine so long as they come from a real film camera. Look Creativefreedom, they cot a contest just for you ( 5 years and 3067 days ago )
k5683: walgreens processes film still within an hour I believe ( 5 years and 3067 days ago )
MnMCarta: Some Wal-Marts still have film processing machines too. They are 1-hour. ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
MnMCarta: oh and they will put the pics to a disc so you won't have to scan them in but rather just upload them. I would like to think that would be ok? ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
locksmagic: great now I'm gonna have to break down and buy a film camera ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
maclu2iaf: can i use lomo camera? ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
creativefreedom: Did you know JAWS that Clyve Butcher refues to use digitial! ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
creativefreedom: Hey Jaws, I would love to see you enter this one! ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
locksmagic: Clive Buthcher is an arrogant jerk (in case you wanted my opinion) ( 5 years and 3066 days ago )
creativefreedom: His work is beautifull ( 5 years and 3065 days ago )
locksmagic: Oh I'm not saying that it isn't, I'm just commenting about his personality. ( 5 years and 3065 days ago )
creativefreedom: I was trying to make a point to JAWS -it is NOT the camera that makes a great photographer-hes always busting my chops about noise-"grain" I really like the artistic quality of film! ( 5 years and 3065 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Oh I know it's the camera that doesn't make a photographer. I keep saying that it doesn't really matter how great your camera can point and shoot if you can't aim. I would like to enter but first I need to either find my old black and whites from high school or see ifI can't find a cheap 32mm. ( 5 years and 3064 days ago )
jawshoewhah: But I am wonderinbg why you get a lot of noise in some of your shots. It seems strange because I never remember having the same isues when I was still shooting with film. I'll definitely have to see if I can find a film camera and see if I don't get the same results. ( 5 years and 3064 days ago )
creativefreedom: We use to call is grain, it goes with useing film- I gues Jaws you are just so use to digital, you can get 35mm REALLY cheap, go on craigslist. ( 5 years and 3063 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Yeah, I haven't used a film camera since high school. I have a friend who has a 35mm. ( 5 years and 3062 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I think people are forgetting that even though the contest requires that you use a film camera, quality photography is still going to play a big part on scoring. It just looks like a lot of the entries were old scanned photos. ( 5 years and 3062 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Here's a question for mods: Can we still use photo editing tools allowed as listed for photography contests? I'm under the impression that the original photo presentation is preferrred but ya, clarification would be nice. ( 5 years and 3062 days ago )
Contest Moderator: "The only stipulation is that the camera has to use FILM" Any form of edit that is allowed by the normal rules is acceptable. ( 5 years and 3062 days ago )
MnMCarta: I love this contest... I can still remember when I was a kid (yes I'm only 30 but it was awhile ago that I had a 35mm) where I just took the picture and was soooo excited when most came out of a roll. Made the cost not feel so waisted. Now I rely on looking at the screen after the shot to see if it came out and have to force myself not to so I can learn every part of taking a good picture I can and just KNOW how to do it. Thank you for Missy for suggesting this and thank you Mods for picking it or whomever picks these YOU ROCK! lol ( 5 years and 3062 days ago )
nita1983: just want to check that its ok to use polaroid camera?....i found one in an op shop and its mega old but still works ( 5 years and 3059 days ago )
MnMCarta: ok to this day I still can't figure out what that's a picture of for the ICON that was chosen... I'm thinking a chicken or two??? LOL ( 5 years and 3057 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Waiting for Romeo - created by creativefreedom

Waiting for Romeo
Favs: 6SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 1/46Score: 63.6% (35)11082 views

was shot with 35mm (5 years and 3067 days ago)

Young Girl - created by friiskiwi

Young Girl
Favs: 1SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 2/46Score: 62.2% (30)7666 views

(5 years and 3065 days ago)

Golden Reflection's - created by creativefreedom

Golden Reflections
Favs: 1SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 3/46Score: 61.9% (25)8318 views

This photograph was shot during the "magic hour" everything lite up in gold-I waited until the two herons were in perfect symmetry. stuck my 35mm and zoom lens through a hole in a fence for a tripod-I used kodak Gold 200 film (5 years and 3066 days ago)

Negative. - created by Lodd

Favs: 3SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 4/46Score: 61.6% (20)7755 views

Straight out of the scanner. it doesn't get less post production then this. haven't even cropped it.

Nikon F3 35-70mm F/3,3 (5 years and 3062 days ago)

Long Ago, Far Away - created by arca

Long Ago, Far Away
Favs: 0SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 5/46Score: 61.6% (15)8303 views

Taken years ago and processed in my at-home darkroom.

Converted to sepia in photoshop. (5 years and 3065 days ago)