Hidden - created by arca

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Taken near Halloween many years ago.

(5 years and 2681 days ago)

Lonely daisy - created by bartoszwozniak

Lonely daisy
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Taken on a Pentax S1a and a Takumar 58mm f/2.

Film was neopan 400 (5 years and 2675 days ago)

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My Kitty Sidney - created by MnMCarta

My Kitty Sidney
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Well he used to be until the neighbors Pit Bulls killed him a year ago :(
Either way we had him and this was taken with my canon camera that looks like my NOW digital Canon camera except it used 35mm film. I worked in a 1-hr photo lab which is where I got into photography so mommy bought me that first cool camera :) (5 years and 2678 days ago)

Summer is over. - created by Lodd

Summer is over.
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When the boat leaves the water. autumn is definatly on its way!

Shooted with Nikon F3 only a month ago.
Shooted and developed by me. (5 years and 2682 days ago)

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before 11 september - created by decazuc

before 11 september
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Twin towers from Ellis Island
Yashica fx3 from a slide film (5 years and 2683 days ago)