My Grammys Rosary - created by MnMCarta

My Grammys Rosary
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Taken with my old 35mm camera before digital. (5 years and 2678 days ago)

Netherlands - created by patty

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(5 years and 2682 days ago)

Opera House - created by Nator

Opera House
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healing brush for scratches - levels for contrast - sharpen (5 years and 2681 days ago)

Viking Funeral - created by jscyphers

Viking Funeral
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Taken in 1996 with a Pentex PZ1 set on bulb for about 30 sec. (5 years and 2681 days ago)

Chioggia - created by patty

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Sorry I couldn't find the original image for rescan. I'd rather change the pic with another. My apologies to people who voted the previous entry and many thanks to friiskiwi for reporting me the round circles. (5 years and 2682 days ago)