I'll Have A Coke - created by sensesfail187

Ill Have A Coke
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Taken on a Zorki 4. (5 years and 2671 days ago)

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First steps - created by cocor

First steps
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(5 years and 2674 days ago)

Island - created by cocor

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(5 years and 2674 days ago)

Smallest Camper - created by WYSIWYG

Smallest Camper
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a mother and daughter were using this as a camper..spotted in Denmark (5 years and 2672 days ago)

Ballett Kid - created by lobusdexter

Ballett Kid
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This pic was taken with my beloved Minolta Dynax 500si, bw Film, ISO 1600. It was around 1996 backstage of a performance night at the ballett school.
I only adjusted the levels.
(5 years and 2677 days ago)

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