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Take a candid shot of a person or group of people. Candid photography is best described as un-posed and unplanned, immediate and unobtrusive, it catches moments of life from immersion in it.
Show us your best candid shots!

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rocketdog85: there are a lot of photos in here that arent candid ( 5 years and 2842 days ago )
kyricom: No fair! I don't have any cute kids around ( 5 years and 2841 days ago )
Mekun: Lots of non candid shots already. ( 5 years and 2841 days ago )
adeincyprus: come on people, there sre so many 'not candid' shots here the guide!! ( 5 years and 2841 days ago )
adeincyprus: yes Mekun, but you are quoting wiki, and that is not good..........the non candid shotds you are talking about are different to those of which I speak ( 5 years and 2838 days ago )
Mekun: What shots am i thinking about O mind reader. ( 5 years and 2838 days ago )
adeincyprus: those you have commented on smartass! ( 5 years and 2835 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I was always under the impression that candid is funny as well as unexpected but that's just my take on it. Dictional defenition seems to match a lot of the entries. ( 5 years and 2835 days ago )

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Saturday noon fever - created by cocor

Saturday noon fever
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(5 years and 2843 days ago)

Benchsitters - created by sentjoh

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(5 years and 2840 days ago)

Awaiting The Score - created by UncleJimmy

Awaiting The Score
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Captured at a swim competition, a moment of sheer anticipation in the face of a swimmer awaiting her scores. I used a 500mm lens and a rapid series of shots to get this moment frozen in time. (5 years and 2843 days ago)

Colour in - created by outbackjack

Colour in
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A rare quiet moment in my house during school holidays lol (5 years and 2843 days ago)

splashing march - created by jneyer

splashing march
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girl marching through tidal pool (5 years and 2843 days ago)