wooden framing - created by friiskiwi

wooden framing
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(5 years and 1272 days ago)

Trying to Become a Butterfly - created by GolemAura

Trying to Become a Butterfly
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Spend over 20 bucks a head to get into the zoo so my nephew can look around and one of his most exciting moments is when he discovered this Caterpillar on a leaf (the elephant exhibit was right behind us and he just got a kick out of seeing a PRE bug. So I captured it for him (gotta admit, it is beautiful) (5 years and 1274 days ago)

stripes_4af47e808a019 - created by creser

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winter lace - created by cocor

winter lace
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It was getting dark, the snow was gliettering, it was pure poetry... (5 years and 1270 days ago)

Striped Beauty - created by Jackiesou

Striped Beauty
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Cropped and turned to B&W (5 years and 1274 days ago)