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avatar FallingHorse

I agree with outbackjack but I know where you are coming from. I had an on theme image removed in the Out of the Dark challenge and when I questioned it I was told by Mods to moderate my opinion.... duh, if it's moderated then it wouldn't be my opinion now would it. I wasn't rude, didn't swear but got a warning. I simply said that it was unfair that it had been removed because it had a prop when other entires clearly had props too. The most desrving of the entries won (it had a prop) but I changed the title only and re-entered it and it came 3rd.... It didn't get removed after entering it again which only goes to show that it shouldn't have been removed in the first place.
BTW - I live on a farm and have a large number of cows with .... horns!

(5 years and 2940 days ago)
no avatar

Love your macro bugs shots. Cheer up about the cows, some guys think everything with horns must be male lol

(5 years and 2947 days ago)
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Jackiesou says:

Thank you very much for your comments on my entries!

(5 years and 3056 days ago)
no avatar

Hey Girl whats Up

(5 years and 3073 days ago)
avatar JoeCacia
JoeCacia says:

I am so happy you are around my friend, I hope all is well. Hugs.

(5 years and 3074 days ago)