Broken doll - created by skyangel

Broken doll
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(1 year and 101 days ago)

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Musical Ear - created by skyangel

Musical Ear
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  • Camera model: NIKON D5100
  • Exposure time: 1/60
  • Aperture: f/5.0
  • ISO: 800

It is not photoshopped. The violin is a tiny model lying beside the ear. (1 year and 148 days ago)

Cash rain - created by skyangel

Cash rain
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The poor man was wandering through the dark storms of life which made him very depressed due to lack of funds. The hand of fate decided to rain down some cash on him and suddenly he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. ;-) (1 year and 178 days ago)

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Berry Elf - created by skyangel

Berry Elf
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(1 year and 206 days ago)

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Berry Cold - created by skyangel

Berry Cold
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The process used was mainly cutting out parts of sources, adjusting sizes and colors and warping some parts into shape using puppet warp.
Masks, layer effects, glow, subtle drop shadows on some snowflakes, emboss, and various blending modes were used on different layers.
Some parts are painted using the source brushes and others are painted using the brushes which come already installed with photoshop.
The background is just a gradient layer fill with an overlay of a "render clouds" layer.
(1 year and 277 days ago)

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