A Work in Progress: Broken doll

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Broken doll
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Painted background from scratch using render clouds and some built in photoshop watercolor brushes.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 1
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Paint face with "foundation" makeup using a layer of skin color on color mode to take away lip color and any other makeup color which was already on the face. Lighten eyebrows using dodge shadows. Use surface blur to get rid of skin pores and achieve a smooth porcelain doll look which can also be achieved with makeup and real face paint. Mask out eyes and lips from blur layer.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 2
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Paint eyes using color, overlay, screen, soft light blending modes at different opacities. Paint eyelashes and eyebrows using pen tool.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 3
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Paint cheeks, freckles and lips on different layers. Blur the cheek color. Blend layers using different blend modes...overlay, multiply, color.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 4
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Paint cracks using various size brushes. Add some highlights and shadows to cracks to create the illusion of some depth.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 5
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Add previously made background behind the face. Cut the hair from the doll source. Add the doll hair to the face using a lot of puppet warp and other transform tools. Change the color of the hair. Select the black top and add a pattern to it using render clouds, glowing edges filter and canvas texturizer.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 6
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Paint a tear onto the doll. Render lighting effects and add some highlights to the hair using the dodge tool.

Creation of Broken doll: Step 7
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Final result

Creation of Broken doll: Final Result

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