Let's Talk - created by Rumi

Lets Talk
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Ali Baba's Dagger - created by Rumi

Ali Babas Dagger
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Straight out of the forty thieves' cave.
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Ellington Gramophones - created by Rumi

Ellington Gramophones
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Ellington Gramophones - The World's Finest.

My little tribute to Duke Ellington, one of the finest jazz musicians of the 1920's. (5 years and 2174 days ago)

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Baby Steps Memories - created by Rumi

Baby Steps Memories
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Human fragility, happy days gone by and the bond between mother and child expressed in exactly 20 cubes.

* Background image used is of the 3D software's own collection. Please see SBS. (5 years and 2188 days ago)

No. 334 - created by Rumi

No. 334
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