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Ali Baba's Dagger - created by Rumi

Ali Babas Dagger
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Straight out of the forty thieves' cave.
(5 years and 1259 days ago)

author says:

Please see it in hi res thanks

avatar Cino
Cino says:

great details and really cool textures.

author says:

thanks cino i'm glad u like it

(5 years and 1258 days ago)

avatar MossyB
MossyB says:

Beautiful work. The leather texture adds a very nice touch. I especially like the depth you've created with the blade cut outs.

author says:

look who is back!!! thanks MossyB really missed u in this part of pxl galaxy

(5 years and 1256 days ago)

avatar blur
blur says:

Congratulation! Love the leathery texture as well!

author says:

TY blur means a lot to me coming from an artist like yourself

(5 years and 1255 days ago)

blur says:

Well deserved, author! And I'm just a mortal artist.

(5 years and 1255 days ago)

Howdie stranger!
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Ambush! - created by nudanke

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An assassin was waiting for their victim, only to have the tables turned on them...

This is an update to my previous entry and I changed the textures and set up a basic scene. The texture for the floor is from CGTextures (http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php?id=29652&PHPSESSID=c94f471a12a3971ee283989e2708cdf9) and generated a bump map in photoshop. The arm is from an old model I made and the texture on it a hand-painted projection. I broke the scene up a bit, rendered out 6 passes, and comped it in Nuke to have a little more control over color and DoF. Tools Used: Maya 2009, Photoshop, Mudbox, Nuke, and rendered with mental ray. (5 years and 2184 days ago)

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avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Very nice! It looks great!

avatar billyboy
billyboy says:

Yes, I like it ! Wait impatient the Mudbox steps.

avatar dka120
dka120 says:

Nice modeling! With a background, it would look even better. The only suggestion I can come up with is that the bump texture should bee less appearing on the blade (only seen in high res) and more on the on the rest of the parts. But thats just my opinion. Good joob!

author says:

Haha..yes. I was just looking at the hi-res and thinking...that bump is too strong. The texture on the handle isn't quite as nice as the blade imo (I got tired and impatient). I'll put it in a scene as well...I just wanted to get something up here before I went to bed.

avatar billyboy
billyboy says:

Oh no, sorry, with the new angle you lost 90% from the beauty of this sword.The bump map from the blade which look like an unfinished metal in previous version look now like a stone. And the fangs look made from plastic now. Just an opinion.

author says:

I actually agree with you somewhat. I'm not quite as happy with the way the sword looks in this as compared to my previous upload but I feel this is more of a finished piece and unfortunately I can't put any more time into this at the moment. I appreciate the critiques as always and hopefully my next attempt will turn out better.

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Swordswoman wearing red nail polish. Cool.

avatar freejay
freejay says:

Looks great

avatar Lelaina
Lelaina says:

Congrats for your second place, nudanke!

avatar RichieMB
RichieMB says:

Congratulations for 2nd

avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:


author says:


Howdie stranger!
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