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By Rumi
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Digital Drawing: Art Deco is an artistic design style which had its origins in Paris in the first decades of the 20th century. The style originated in the 1908 and continued to be a high-end style that continued until after World War 2.

Your goal for this contest is to create a decorative Original object characterized by geometric designs and bold colors. Pre-built meshes are not allowed.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Warlock

farsite: looking forward to seeing some entries on this one ( 5 years and 2586 days ago )
tioilmo: Awesome, you had a hard work here, man! ( 5 years and 2582 days ago )
kyricom: These are nice entries, but most of them would not fall into the Art deco category ( 5 years and 2579 days ago )
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No. 334 - created by Rumi

No. 334
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(5 years and 2575 days ago)

Cloche - created by Missy

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The cloche hat is a fitted, bell-shaped hat that was popular during the 1920s, but was first founded in 1908 and continued to be popular until 1933. Cloche is the French word for "bell". Caroline Reboux is the creator of the cloche hat.

Cloche hats were usually made of felt so that they conformed to the head. The hat was typically designed to be worn low on the forehead, with the wearer's eyes only slightly below the brim. By 1928/29, it became fashionable to turn the brims on cloche hats upwards. This style remained prevalent throughout the early 1930s until the cloche hat became obsolete around 1933/34.

Credit to: Tatianasaphira for the art deco brushes

rL-Brushes , both from DA for the art deco birds brushes. (5 years and 2576 days ago)

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art deco interior - created by mircea

art deco interior
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got inspired from here

the link is also in the source part. Hope i got close, altough my scene is darker (5 years and 2577 days ago)

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Vintage - created by Warlock

Favs: 4SBS: 18Hi-resRank: 4/12Score: 61.1% (20)9092 views

Inspired by the French Art Deco necklaces of the 1920s/30s (5 years and 2575 days ago)

2 O'Clock - created by r1k3r

2 OClock
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interior visualization.

3ds max 2011

Vray render. (5 years and 2575 days ago)

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