Experiment Dragan effect - created by nanaris

Experiment Dragan effect
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Older - created by nanaris

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My precious - created by nanaris

My precious
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Young again - created by nanaris

Young again
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Because I flatten the layers by mistake I cant provide step by step layers, but I will describe the process.
For all this I used a graphic table.First on a duplicate layer use liquify tool to make changes on the face contour.
Duplicate that layer then adjust the color with selective colors and make a selection around the hand and with curves get rid of the reddish color.
Then I used healing spot tool to get rid of big wrinkle and to uniform the colors on the face a little.(you can use in this step noise/dust and scratches is useful too in this cases ).
Then with a soft brush opacity pressure sensitive I used the mixer brush (cs5) on moist light mix settings, but you can use the smudge tools as well if you don't have cs5 with short strokes and 30,50 strength.
Then I make a mask and I paint with black to bring the pores on chicks nose...
On other layer I colorize the hair in soft light , I draw the line on eyes the eyelashes and with dodge and burn tool enhanced the eyes colors.
Thats it, hope it was useful!

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Parachute - created by nanaris

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