The Mystic's Strings - created by gamemastertips

The Mystics Strings
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By the light of its master's incandescent neckpiece, the creature pranced under a looming palm, brought to life by the Mystic's strings. (5 years and 2535 days ago)

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The Wise One - created by gamemastertips

The Wise One
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"Would you like some tea?"

A complex photoshopping result...I divided the man's face and mirrored it to make him turn forward. (5 years and 2704 days ago)

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The Piano Hand - created by gamemastertips

The Piano Hand
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Well, here you go: the source photo was of a hand playing a piano. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything else, so I simply made the same thing: a hand playing piano. Only much more literally.

Comments and criticism are much appreciated.

Thank you very much to bas3ssen ( for the perfect bowler hat. (5 years and 2552 days ago)

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Aw Nuts! - created by gamemastertips

Aw Nuts!
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An entry that evolved as I was working. I originally only thought to put the camera in the field, but realized that it was too lame and thought to add another camera perhaps in the distance, facing the first-person camera. After being unable to find a suitable stock photo, I added a squirrel insetad. Random, perhaps, but adorable. After everything was done, I thought it would be best to stick everything in another camera for ultimate effect.

Thanks to for the excellent photos! (5 years and 2706 days ago)

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Crop Circling - created by gamemastertips

Crop Circling
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A rare photo of a crop circle in the making...

Spaceship was made from scratch. Parts include a helicopter hull, airplane wings, and a vacuum hose as the tractor beamer (is that even a term?). (5 years and 2692 days ago)

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