Winter Marsh. - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Winter Marsh.
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Sunrise over the river and marsh near my home. (5 years and 2881 days ago)

Red Pepper. - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Red Pepper.
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I had to remove all the water droplets form the inside of the glass fishtank between each shot to prevent defracted blur above the water line.
Took 2-3 hours to get 3-4 good shots!
(5 years and 2885 days ago)

Droplet Collision - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Droplet Collision
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This is the result of yellow milk being dripped from a fixed dropper into purple milk.
(milk coloured with yellow and black food colouring)
The yellow plate is formed by the collision of a falling and a rising droplet. (5 years and 2881 days ago)

Hawsey Mill - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Hawsey Mill
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Just off the coastline of East Anglia, UK. (5 years and 2878 days ago)

Green and Yellow. - created by MaRkSqUiRrEl

Green and Yellow.
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2 Peppers dropped into a fishtank half full of water. (5 years and 2810 days ago)

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