Water Fluid Simulation - 3DS-Max Tutorial

Water Fluid Simulation

This tutorial explains how to make a simple water jet in 3D Studio Max without any plug-ins; material creation included.
( submitted: 5 years and 1779 days ago )

Submitted by Giulia - 7965 Views
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Hello everyone,
This is part 1 of a tutorial series on how to create raytraced water using the default scanline renderer.

NOTE: This will NOT look like realistic water under every circumstance. This will only work in an enclosed area as the water material is a reflection map; which means that it is based on what is around it. In an open area, please refer to my other upcoming tutorial on mental ray water (ocean) on rendering water using mental ray.

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Inside of the plugin UI you will learn what Fluid mapping is, and how to use it to your advantage. After the scene is completed you will render it out into different passes and then composite them back together inside of After Effects.

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