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Shooting in Extreme Weather - Photography Tutorial

There are four main types of weather, that often discourage photographers from even attempting what might be some of their greatest work. These four obstacles would be:
a) extreme cold,
b) extreme heat,
c) extreme moisture and
d) extreme wind.
While each of these has probably at one time or another discouraged even the best of us from going out to shoot, they also present unique photo opportunities simply because so few of us want to take the effort.

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The Weather - Photography Tutorial

There's no need to leave your camera home just because the sun hasn't come out. In fact, rain, snow, fog, and mist can add interest to your pictures.

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Portraits in Sunny Weather Using Flash - Photography Video Tutorial

Sunny weather is great, unless you want to take portrait photos. Bright light often means harsh shadows on your subject.
In this video tutorial we will look at using on and off camera flash to control the light and get some great results.

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