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Portraits in Sunny Weather Using Flash - Photography Video Tutorial

Sunny weather is great, unless you want to take portrait photos. Bright light often means harsh shadows on your subject.
In this video tutorial we will look at using on and off camera flash to control the light and get some great results.

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Shoot Yourself, Even on a Bright Sunny Day - Photography Video Tutorial

We decided to make a photography tutorial with a little bit of you in it. Yes, a self portrait. By setting your DSLR camera on timer you can set up a shot and run in to be the star. Then adjusting your mode dial to aperture value or aperture priority you can easily throw the background out of focus and keep the subject, you, in sharp focus. This can be a lot of fun. You can just be yourself or create a character. In this photography lesson we also show you the effect of using the on camera or pop up flash. Give it a try and send us your self-portrait.

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