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Composition - a Very Important Aspect - Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial we will cover a core concept in photography that is neglected by a surprising amount of photographers. Photography is a wonderful mixture of science and art. The science part can be intriguing and is an important aspect but not the whole of it. Techniques like depth-of-field control, slow shutter speed effects or motion freeze are all interesting but they only compliment one of the core concepts of photography which is closer to art: composition.

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Tips for Great Sports Captures - Photography Tutorial

Sports photography is a large topic, and would require extensive review to truly do it justice here. However, a brief overview of how to get the best sports shots can be found in these four handy tips.

Grab your camera and get ready for some sport, as we're going to show you how to get those shots that the newspapers love!

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Showing the movement: motion blur photography - Photography Tutorial

Motion Blur is a technique intended to capture the movement, instead of having it frozen. The most common way to understand what a motion blur picture is, is to think of a vehicle moving and impressing the sensor in a long exposure photo, and recording a blurred trail...

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Photographing Waterfalls - Photography Tutorial

It’s often said that great photography captures, not only a scene, but its unique feeling and essence. Expressing these properties helps to bring your photo to life. When photographing waterfalls, the intricate and consistent flow of water is the trait that makes them such a beautiful scene, and because of this it’s important to try and capture the flow, motion and the colours of the water in your photo.
In this guide we’re going to learn how to capture a waterfall so that when you look at the photo, you feel like you’re right there.

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How to Use Flash With a Slow Shutter to Create Motion and Ghosts - Photography Tutorial

Though the still photo is a beautiful thing, it does have its weaknesses - especially when it comes to portraying movement. In this tutorial you'll learn how to faithfully capture movement by taking photos that use flash and a slow shutter speed. You'll learn about recommended gear, how to choose appropriate subjects, setting up the shoot, dealing with lighting and choosing the best settings on your camera.

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About Actions - Photography Video Tutorial

This is a brief introduction to the concepts of Action Photography.

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