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Composing Your Bird Photographs - Photography Tutorial

Once you have got all the equipment you are going to need (please see my other post - Bird photography - What you need and how to use it) it is time to get out there and and get some photos. Below are a few techniques and tips to help you obtain better bird photos and to produce more 'keepers'. Composing a photo involves you setting parameters in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing photo and whilst this may seem impossible in the field there are some things you can do before you press the shutter button and some you can do afterwards . Please do not take these tips to be set in stone, they should be used as a general rule only, and in some cases you may find that going against the norm produces the best photo...

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Episode 11: Bird Shooting 101 - Photography Video Tutorial

Tom Uhlman, nature photographer, shares his backyard bird photography techniques.

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