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Ken Springer is a 104 year old man. His Pxl age is 5 years and 1276 days. He was last seen 54 days ago.

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76 profile comments: ( page 4 of 4)

avatar divair
divair says:

Thank you very much for congrats!

(5 years and 1205 days ago)
avatar CorneliaMladenova

Thank you very much for the nice comment!

(5 years and 1205 days ago)
avatar Giallo
Giallo says:

Welcome here!! Great stuff

(5 years and 1212 days ago)
avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:

Thanks for congrats! and comment

(5 years and 1219 days ago)
avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

Oi, didnt say yet that there's some cool stuff here
Good portfolio, nice addition here!
And good luck with future entries

(5 years and 1220 days ago)
no avatar

thanks for the congrats GLOCKMAN
"3RD is good" I agree. It was a shock in a half. I thought it fantastic.. so many good entries.... All deserved top postition in my opinion.

Take care this silly season and have a happy time

(5 years and 1224 days ago)
no avatar

Thanks for your supportive and kind comment on my work.

Much better fur now.... Better than the blur method. More natural. LOTS MORE WORK heeee. however, in my opinion heaps better outcome.

THis format is similar to previous as in you start with patches of colour.
however then you Smudge 85-100% brush size 3 - soft then size 1- soft. . I would think that dodge and burn on colour would then provide the texture in the fur. ( have not tried on colour yet. )

(5 years and 1229 days ago)
avatar alexstephen

I am amazed by your talent...Well done and keep it up Glockman

(5 years and 1234 days ago)
avatar ushurani
ushurani says:

Amazing work on "scruffy".Congrats in advance.

(5 years and 1247 days ago)
no avatar




FILTER>BLUR>MOTION BLUR>DISTANCE 6 DIRECTION = the direction you want your fur to go. therefore adjust accordingly.

I hope this helps you for the future.

(5 years and 1250 days ago)
avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

I just looked at your "Scruffy" entry again...........MAN........I love it! And you made it all with paint and the smudge tool! Amazing!
I also love to work with the smudge tool.........it can help create some fantastic images. But I must take my hat off to you: you ARE the master!

(5 years and 1252 days ago)
avatar Stowsk
Stowsk says:


(5 years and 1253 days ago)
avatar divair
divair says:

Hey Glockman, congrats on 3rd place!

(5 years and 1254 days ago)
no avatar

welcome to the site. your welcome on the fav. very creative piece.l

(5 years and 1257 days ago)
avatar Poss
Poss says:

Congrats to you too Glockman!!

(5 years and 1260 days ago)
avatar Maja12
Maja12 says:

Hi Glockman, Welcome to Pxle, we have loads of fun here!

(5 years and 1273 days ago)